Into Action Selected Gifs

Illustration, Animation

July 2020– June 2021

The Into Acton Lab is run by the creative agency Taskforce. Through their partnerships with organizations such as the United Nations, Women’s March and NARAL, the lab has hit 50B views with over 5k pieces of content on Giphy since its founding in February 2020. It produces gifs about pressing issues such as racial justice, gender equity, LGBTQ rights, climate change, COVID vaccination, universal healthcare, and much more.

As a creator in the lab, alongside with over 50 artists, I make gifs for the lab on a daily basis. This has also become a fantastic opportunity for me to learn and grow as a creative and individual.

CEO: Simon Isaacs, Yosi Sergent;
Copywriter: Simon Isaacs, Yosi Sergent;
Creative Director: Jen Epstein;
Partnershp Director: Ashly Paul-Blanc; Audience Director: Avi Zollman;
Producer: Josh Hammond, Caira Abdelrahman;
Agency: Taskforce


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