Duæl: 2017 Graphic Design
End of Year Show

Category: exhibition design Year: 2017

Exhibition design, curation, and fabrication for the annual CalArts MFA Graphic Design End of Year Show 2017.

The Duæl emphasizes the contrast of two contexts that graphic design works are being made for – the printed material world and the simulated digital world. Each world is embodied by a fictional subculture: Craftpunk and Etherwave.

The Craftpunk side showcases printed and handmade works. Wood and warm lights are utilized to emphasize comfort, familiarity and Craftpunks’ idea of reclaiming the joy of making. The Etherwave side showcases digital works in an immersive simulated environment, and it intends to create anxiety about automation that is inherent in a digital future.

Collaborated with Dameon Waggoner and Jacob Shpall