Into Action Selected Gifs

Illustration, Animation

July 2020– June 2021

The Into Acton Lab is run by the creative agency Taskforce. Through their partnerships with organizations such as the United Nations, Women’s March and NARAL, the lab has hit 50B views with over 5k pieces of content on Giphy since its founding in February 2020. It produces gifs about pressing issues such as racial justice, gender equity, LGBTQ rights, climate change, COVID vaccination, universal healthcare, and much more.

As a creator in the lab, alongside with over 50 artists, I make gifs for the lab on a daily basis. This has also become a fantastic opportunity for me to learn and grow as a creative and individual.

CEO: Simon Isaacs, Yosi Sergent;
Copywriter: Simon Isaacs, Yosi Sergent;
Creative Director: Jen Epstein;
Partnershp Director: Ashly Paul-Blanc; Audience Director: Avi Zollman;
Producer: Josh Hammond, Caira Abdelrahman;
Agency: Taskforce

LA vs Hate

Illustration, Animation, Web Design

May – Dec 2020

LA vs Hate is a community-centered creative campaign to encourage and support all residents of Los Angeles County to unite against, report, and resist hate. I made over 100 animated pieces and designed a website for this campaign to help LA’s diverse neighborhoods and communities share the message and stand up against hate together.

All creative pieces can be downloaded and shared from and LA vs Hate Giphy. To text a gif or use a sticker, search for “LAvsHate” or a gif’s headline.

Campaign Director: Dana Coffman, Simon Issacs
Copywriter: Simon Issacs, Yosi Sergent
Creative Director: Jen Epstein;
Producer: Tyler Hicks;
Agency: Taskforce;
Client: Los Angeles County

Safer At Work

Poster, Typography

Nov – Dec 2020

Safer At Work provides free resources to help businsses across the Los Angeles County communicate to their customers and employees, especially essential employees, to take critical steps in order to operate as safely as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Following the campaign’s visual identity system designed by Ariel Wilson, I worked with a translation team to design non-English versions for the campaign’s posters, including Simplified Chinese, Korean, Armenian, Tagalog, and Spanish.

Find resources in all the language versions on:

Campaign Director: Pascale Cardozo;
Producer: Adam Foskey;
Lead Designer: Ariel Wilson;
Agency: Taskforce;
Client: Los Angeles County

CalArts Online Poster Archive

Web Design, Visual Identity

July – Oct 2017

Website and logo designed for CalArts online poster archive, in collaboration with Tracy Tran and studio Yay Brigade. The online archive united the history of the Graphic Design program, containing over 1,000 posters made by the students from the 1970s to the present time.

The online archive can be viewed at

Client: CalArts Graphic Design
Project Manager: Michael Worthington

PCM Chamber Music Competition

Web Design, Visual Identity

Aug – Oct 2018

Website redesign for Pasadena Conservatory of Music Chamber Music Competition in collaboration with studio Yay Brigade.

The website can be viewed at


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